Understanding The Securities Transfer Process

Ampleton Group is also an active acquirer of both listed and unlisted shares in companies which are hard to monetise due to lack of interest or attention from larger market players.

Holders often find themselves stuck with illiquid equities after a corporate event such as a delisting with little to no current information on the situation and an inability to easily exit the position.

Ampleton Group specialises in analysing these companies and understanding the securities transfer process specific to the company in question and would be happy to discuss monetisation options with you.

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At Ampleton Group, we actively purchase the obligations of companies that have filed with a federal court for protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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In addition to Chapter 7 & 11 bankruptcy situations in the United States, Ampleton Group is an active liquidity provider to creditors in Global insolvencies.

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Why Sell Your Claim

There are many reasons why creditors choose to on-sell their claims against bankrupt or insolvent companies.

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How To Sell A Claim

If you have received a communication from Ampleton Group, it is because you are listed in public filings held with the court for a specific bankruptcy or insolvency case that we are involved in.

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