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Welcome to Ampleton Group

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Ampleton Group is a firm that specialises in helping its customers improve liquidity by monetising assets they own that are typically extremely difficult to transact in.

About Ampleton Group

We are committed to working with owners of illiquid assets to provide upfront cash alternatives and are happy to commit our time to diligence situations on a speculative basis under a confidentiality agreement, if required.

The firm is comprised of a group of experienced individuals with specific knowledge of these situations and a commitment to highly professional interaction with our customers and counter-parties.

North America, Europe & More

We are active across North America, Europe and other Offshore jurisdictions, addressing the following asset classes:

Ampleton Group specialises in buying

bankruptcy and insolvency claims from creditors looking for immediate cash payments

Illiquid assets such as fund interests and delisted equities.

More About Us

If you are a creditor of a company in liquidation, Ampleton Group can help
Evaluate the status of your claim
Provide immediate cash payment for valid claims upon confirmation of transfer

Why Sell Your Claim

If you have received a communication from Ampleton Group and wish to discuss your situation further, or if you want us to investigate a claim or asset that you are interested in selling/span>
Please call +44 207 993 2091
or email claims@ampleton.co.uk

How To Sell A Claim

For advice on selling your claim or asset call +44 207 993 2091